Yarbrough Farms Homeowners' Association

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get a copy of the YFHOA documents? Click below to view and print the HOA documents:

What neighborhoods are considered part of YFHOA?

Yarbrough Farms HOA includes Augusta COA, Club Creek, Falls Crest Phase II, Fairways, PARC, Pine Valley, Oakmont, Spyglass, Spyglass Townhomes, Sawgrass and Shadow Creek COA neighborhoods.

To verify whether an address is located within YFHOA, please email AuburnYFHOA@gmail.comAt this point in the association’s continuing development, Dilworth Development, Inc. is the controlling director of YFHOA and is owned by Harris Doyle (Clayton Properties Group). Per the HOA covenants, the developer maintains HOA control until the last lot is sold. 

To view a map of YFHOA and all other surrounding neighborhoods, please click the link to the YFHOA Neighborhood Map. YFHOA sections are outlined in royal blue on the ma

How to report a broken sidewalk or pothole?

To report broken sidewalks/curbs, owners can use the Auburn Fixit app https://www.auburnalabama.org/fixit or send an email including the nearest street address to the issue at webpw@auburnalabama.org. The city of Auburn maintains streets once the final cap is poured, so you may also use the Auburn Fixit App to report potholes once the final cap is installed in your area. To report potholes in sections that are still under development and do not have the final cap poured, please email AuburnYFHOA@gmail.com with a description/closest street address and the board will relay to the appropriate personnel in the development office. 

How to report a street light outage?

Streetlight bulb outages are repaired by Alabama Power; outages must first be marked with red tape for prompt repair. Please email reports of outages to AuburnYFHOA@gmail.com and provide the exact location/nearest address to the streetlight outage. You may also directly call Alabama Power’s customer service center to report an outage at 800-245-2244.

Questions regarding sidewalk installation or maintenance?

Sidewalks are the property of the City of Auburn. Questions, reports, or requests relative to sidewalk installations or repairs should be directed to the City of Auburn, Department of Public Works 334-501-3000 webpw@auburnalabama.org.

Need to repair or replace your mailbox?

Mailbox maintenance is the responsibility of each owner. Please be sure your mailbox remains uniform in appearance with your neighbors with all appropriate hardware in place. For help with mailbox repairs or replacement: Imperial Mailbox Systems, John Clark 334-391-9488 John@ImperialMailboxSystems.com. Luke McAlister 334-319-1100 can also assist with any individual aspect of mailbox repair as needed. 

Questions regarding the golf course and club membership?

Auburn University Club Website: http://www.augolfclub.com

All reports or questions relative to the golf course or club memberships should be directed to Auburn University Club 334-821-8381. For more information on membership visit the AU Club website. AU Club features an 18-hole championship golf course, a full-service clubhouse with tennis and swimming facilities.

When is the garbage pickup?

To determine the day of your garbage collection, please visit: www.auburhttps://nalabama.org/garbage-and-recycling/  and scroll to the bottom of the page to input your address. Garbage cans may be placed at the roadside on the evening before your collection day and should be returned to the garage or rear of the home by the morning after your collection day. Please note that in accordance with HOA documents, your trash can should be stored properly out of view from the street or your neighbor.

When is the annual meeting?

The annual meeting of the HOA is typically held in September each year. The annual HOA meeting is held at the pavilion at the Auburn University Club.  You will receive a USPS mailed and emailed invitation well in advance of the annual meeting date each year. 

How to get a copy of meeting minutes?

Please email AuburnYFHOA@gmail.com to request and receive a copy of HOA meeting minutes.

When is the annual HOA fee due, how much is it and how may I pay it?

The YFHOA Annual HOA fee is $300.00 per year, per lot and is due on January 1st each year. You will receive a USPS mailed reminder and an emailed reminder of the fee payment several weeks in advance of the due date each year. Please note that all homeowners with an outstanding balance will not have association voting privileges. Northcutt Realty manages collections for YFHOA. You may USPS mail your annual HOA fee payment to Yarbrough Farms HOA, 248 South Gay Street, Auburn, AL 36830 or call 334-826-7720 to pay over the phone. Credit cards and e-checks are also accepted. A credit card will have a 2.5% processing fee and an e-check is $0.95. Please contact Northcutt Realty’s office should you ever need to update your mailing address, phone number or email address via email at Associations@NorthcuttRealty.com or call 334-826-7720

What do the annual HOA fees support?

YFHOA fees support regular operating HOA expenses including management, maintenance, repairs, utilities, insurance and regular lawn maintenance of all HOA common areas.  Regular lawn maintenance includes irrigation, weed control and fertilization for sodded areas; regular clearing and mulching of natural areas; and regular maintenance of 4 detention ponds. The fees also support special projects such as new plantings and enhancements within HOA common areas. 

To view a map illustrating locations of all YFHOA common areas click YFHOA Common Spaces Map. Please note that YFHOA common area lots are outlined in pink.

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